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UPDATE 11/2013 : “ SchwartzGroup Advisory now: 47B – The Company Builder

UPDATE 11/06/12: “Schwartz moves from President to Advisor @Magento

NOTE 12/01/13: Site not updated, been busy with Magento ;-) A new updated site coming shortly. To be notified of the new firm follow me on twitter or LinkedIn [links at top & to the right] –> LETS BUILD! – ras

“How best do we address the changes & opportunities we are witnessing in the behavior of our customers on-line?”

We work on a handful of select projects with CEO’s, Founders, Boards and Investors to answer this question.

We are your trusted partner who understands the strategies, business levers, partners, technologies and people to assure your success. Just as important we have a long track record of working with some of the World’s largest brands as well as growth stage companies and their investors, and thoroughly understand their goals and concerns, from mass market to luxury, from fashion to technology.

SchwartzGroup offers strategic direction, critical counsel, interim talent and business development in eCommerce, innovation, Internet growth to a handful of select consumer facing companies – brands, retailers, media and technology industries – and to the companies and investors that interact with those areas.