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At our weekend morning ritual gathering at Peets coffee in Manhattan Beach CA (shoot the bull and remedy the world issues) our friend DaveR fights off all others, at all costs, to get possession of the LA Times Sudoku. This morning the concept of a Sudoku Language was born with Klep-doku – the act of stealing someones Sudoku.

With a Facebook posting and Tweet on this subject others began to add to the Sudoku dictionary (Howie seems to be the early leader).

Here are the words posted to date (Add Yours in Comments):

Klep-doku - the act of stealing someones Sudoku (Howie S)

SoSuMeKu – a Klepdoku’s answer for his act – (Howie S)

Nerdoku - the act of doing a sudoku (Zach S)

Sodoyourownku – Adding numbers to someone else’s sudoku (Howie S)

Shlep-doku - the art of taking your Sudoku wherever you go (Andrea R)

Sudokahanamoku – doing sudoku while surfing long board on the big island. (Lynn G)

SoSuMeKu – a Klepdoku’s answer for his act. (HowieS)

Guruku – someone that can do a sudoku in under three minutes (HowieS)

Poop-doku – the puzzle completed while on the throne! (DaveR)

Medioku – a sudoku that is no fun because it is too easy or too hard (HowieS)

Accidoku – someone who crashes their car while driving and sudokuing at the same time (HowieS)

Addicto-ku – a puzzler in need of a 12 step program. (DaveR)

Traffi-ku – a person who puzzles while driving. (DaveR)

Studento-ku – a person learning the game. (DaveR)

Overconfidoku – doing sudoku in ink (HowieS)

Sodoyou-ku? - A pick up line… (AndreaR)

Bazooka Sudoku - puzzles in bubble gum.. (LynnG)

Chewdoku – when the dog gets to the paper before you. (HowieS)

Pseudoku – A puzzle like sudoku but not quite the same. (HowieS)

Lewdoku – doing sudoku in the nude (HowieS)

Boodoku – doing sudoku while trick-or-treating (HowieS)

BooHoodoku – getting to the last number and realizing you made a mistake (HowieS)

Whoknewku – finding out someone was really good at sudoku. (DaveR)

Whewdoku - finding the discarding LA times, with the puzzle intact. (DaveR)

Achoodoku – a nasty puzzle that’s been sneezed on!… (DaveR)

Effthisdoku-a puzzle so difficult you give up in exasperation also used it’s milder firm of “screwthisdoku” (DaveR)

Polidoku- the divisions of ieology in the puzzling world. (DaveR)

Repubdoku- Those who believe that everyone should earn the right to have and play sudoku.(DaveR)

Demdoku- Those who believe they have a right to sudoku and if they can’t afford one, then it should be provided at the expense of the repubdoku’s. (DaveR)

Independoku- This group believes that everyone has the”ability” to sudoku but it is not a right! (DaveR)

Sociodoku- A person who’s ideaology is that sudoku should be provided as a birthright to each and every person. (DaveR)

Communidoku- An ideology that we should all share whatever puzzles are available. (DaveR)

Lieudoku – When a sudoku is done by someone who usually does the crossword.(DaveR)

Fewdoku - A sudoku puzzle where you can only get a few numbers. (DaveR)

Freudoku - A puzzle your mother started and you are left to finish. (DaveR)

Redodoku – starting over because you were unjustifiably a overconfidoku! (DaveR)

CompeDoku - Several people competing to solve a puzzle the fastest. (DaveR)

Add your Word to impromptu SudokuPedia – as a comment below.

(we can build and move this to later)

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25. Oct, 2009

I love it. We now need an app for it.


26. Oct, 2009

deja-vu-doku — i think i did this sudoku before – Randy


26. Oct, 2009

canuck-doku – canadian female laughing, stealing and generally causing interruption to anyone trying to singularily do their own sudoku (ange)

Dave Rooker

26. Oct, 2009

U2Doku- Bono’s puzzle!

Dave Rooker

26. Oct, 2009

PolyDoku- The ability to solve several puzzles at once.

Dave Rooker

26. Oct, 2009

kung-fu-doku- Solving the puzzle with ancient chinese methods of concentration.

Feng-shuidoku- Insuring spatial arrangment of the puzzle on the table to give you the best flow of energy to insure a puzzles completion.


27. Oct, 2009

ToGoKu -tearing the sudoku out of the paper an leaving with it.

NoDoKu – the result of ToGoKu


27. Oct, 2009

ShooDoKu – getting rid of others that would do your sudoku

HoDoKu – someone who takes money for doing sudoku


27. Oct, 2009

SuDoKool – a movement to make sudoku more acceptable and remove the stigma of the Nerdoku

Chris Rooker

05. Nov, 2009

withmypoo-do-ku- the act of doing the puzzle at Peet’s with your dog.

Christopher Sarson

20. Feb, 2010

Stuck-oku: I can’t finish this puzzle


23. Oct, 2010

ablutoduko – Playing sudoku while washing oneself.

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