eCommerce beyond one dimension.

Posted on 01. Jan, 2008 by in Prior Posts

I’ve been fortunate to work with early stage, fast growth and Fortune 500 companies in leadership roles (CEO, CMO, GM) to drive the growth of their Internet (eCommerce & Content) business and have led some of the internets leading businesses (“founding” and spinning off fashion apparel leader, President of paid content leader One reoccurring focus of mine has been the growth of “Lifetime Customer Value”. Focusing your core goal as “increasing the value of a customer” sets the stage for other metrics to fall into place; customer acquisition, transaction size, purchase repetition and profitability. So how can content and community play a role in customer value?

Most eCommerce sites though successful still look like the same one dimensional catalogues of 1999, yet these powerful trends of content, community and individuality have emerged. What does it look like when you blend empowered individuals within a platform of content, community and commerce? And how can content companies embrace their new found ability (broadband, VOD, Mobile) to think “direct commerce and retail” and build Lifetime Customer Value relationships?

The infrastructure is now in place and economical, powerful new trends are emerging empowering mass individualism, driving with new forms of eCommerce blended with content and community. There is a new window for new consumer brand leaders to emerge. I am determined to be in the midst of building such leaders…Stay tuned.

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14. Sep, 2009

Nice post, there is a mass of missed opportunity out there. People get caught up in the buzz of the moment and dont focus on the basics.

Solid technical foundation with a nice skin is step 1 but then you need to look at your specific industry and what works there rather than jumping on board the “socail media” buzz or what ever is in your magazine that month.


14. Sep, 2009

Jimmy, Thanks. I wrote this post about a few years ago, but lost the origin date when I moved it to this site.

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